Patio Contractor Springdale AR

If you want an outdoor gathering space that is a little bit less involved in setup than a deck or porch, then a patio would be the perfect option for you!  Patios are quick to install, can be attached to your home or freestanding, and can be just as long-lasting as a deck or porch… if not more so!

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    Pool Deck Installation Springdale AR

    Nothing beats lounging by the pool on a hot summer’s day, right?  We’ve got you covered on all of your pool deck needs!  We can build either a raised deck or a patio-style resting area around your pool to give you plenty of space to kick back, soak up some sun, barbeque, and enjoy great company.

    Give Springdale Deck Builders a call at 479-323-1415 today to schedule your free consultation!  We’ll answer any questions you may have, and can get you started on this exciting new project in no time at all.  We’re open seven days a week, 7a.m. to 7p.m.; we can’t wait to hear from you!

    Patios Vs. Decks

    Like decks, patios can be either freestanding or anchored to your home.  But while decks are raised above the ground, patios are installed flat to the terrain of your property.  Installing a patio flush to the ground is generally less expensive than building a deck, though this can be tricky if the land around your home is uneven.

    While some people do choose to use wood for their patios, we generally recommend using stone or concrete, as those materials will be less likely to warp or crack due to uneven terrain or weather damage.  Additionally, stone and concrete need much less maintenance; you could use a sealant on them to help guard against weather damage, but it’s not necessary.  Stone and concrete are both extremely durable and long-lasting, and require little more than the occasional sweeping.

    A well-kept patio can last up to 25 years or longer.  And since it’s flush to the ground, it is easier to design landscaping around your patio to provide more privacy, whereas a raised deck would be more visible.

    However, while installing a patio may be more affordable, it might also be more time-consuming than installing a deck; this is particularly true if the terrain around your home is uneven, or if the soil is loose and requires reinforcement.